Raw beauty of Irish coastline and countryside captured in AliCe designs

As the weather here in Ireland has become cooler, I’m reflecting on how AliCe is taking shape ahead of Winter. My surroundings in Kinsale along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way never fail to inspire my new designs.

On my morning walk today in Garretstown beach, like every morning I take in the smell of the salt water and clean air and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. As I watch in silence my mind drifts to a design I am working on. In my mind’s eye, the edges of my design bear resemblance to the waves breaking on the rocks and the vivid splashes of colour in the designs remind me of the morning sunshine glistening in the waves. 

When I step outdoors, my designs come to life. From the birds chirping in the countryside to the vast ocean in front of me as I stand on the beach, there is unspoiled beauty everywhere. AliCe designs capture this rawness and allow me to share the beauty through handcrafted one of a kind pieces.  

Back at my studio, I can still smell and taste the salty air and hear the ocean. I love that I can bring that stillness and beauty into my creations, knowing that everyone who wears AliCe has a lasting connection to the coastline and countryside of Ireland.